Our Qualified Team

Edikite Ochieng’

Director General

Edikite Ochieng' Otieno has a B.Sc. in Renewable Energy and Bio-fuels Technologies with over four years practical experience in the renewable energy, environment and climate change space . He has worked with different organizations in both public and private where he has polished his interpersonal, management and project management skills through the years. He also has a certificate and practice experience in Occupational Health and Safety. He is a climate change activist and a community change driver, he has a great passion in environmental conservation, social well-being and climate action and he is currently serving as a fundraising director with Kenya Environmental Action Network. He is a member of Commonwealth Youth Climate Change Network and YOUNGO Constituency

Jack Steve Otieno

Director Administration and HR

Jack Steve Otieno is an Environmental Conservationist and a Climate Change enthusiast with an educational background in Climate Change and Development with Information Technology from Maseno University. He is also an environmental and climate change activist He has been on the front line in environmental and climate change advocacy nationally and internationally. He is a member of the Kenya Environment Action Network (KEAN), an organization that aims at enhancing environmental conservation and building community Climate Change resilience. He is a member of the Commonwealth Youth Climate Network (CYCN) Kenya, which promotes global youth advocacy on climate change issues and environmental conservation. A member of the Biodiversity beyond National Jurisdiction Youth Network (BBNJ) which advocates for the high seas issues. He has a 4 years’ experience in environmental and climate change issues and have worked with several organizations that focus on Environment and Climate Change issues in Kenya such as, Kisumu County Government Department of Environment, Water, Natural Resources and Climate Change, UN-Habitat, Transparency International and Uhai Lake Forum. In charge of general administration and Human Resource in the organization

Rita Odhiambo

Program Manager

Rita Odhiambo is environmental scientist and climate change advocate with an educational background in Environmental science from University of Eldoret. Possess an in-depth knowledge of program management and coordination processes and procedures. Intuitive leader and skilled communicator able to forge relationships with cross-functional peers, engage donors and partners to inspire buy-in, and empower teams to exceed objectives. With specific interest in environmental conservation, she is currently the Regional officer (Nyanza and western region) for Waste Electrical and electronic equipment centre (WEEE CENTRE) which manages electronic waste for a safer environment. She is also the Country representative for Biodiversity and Conservation Research institute which is an organization that deals with environmental conservation matters around the world .She has an additional training on Grant management, Digital fundraising and Donor relations. Through these experiences, Rita combines a unique blend of exceptional organizational, analytical, communication, and interpersonal skills. She is currently in charge of Program management and co-ordination of the organization activities & Projects.

Edna Kowenje

Director Finance

Edna Kowenje is an environmentalist and a climate change advocate with an educational background in Climate Change and Development with Information Technology from Maseno University-Kenya. With specific interest in the science of environmental conservation and human interaction with the Sustainable Development Goals and their achievement in Africa and beyond, she is currently a volunteer with YOUNGO (The official Children and Youth Constituency of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change- Water and Climate Change Working Group) and a member of the Kenya Climate Change Working Group, under the Adaptation Thematic Working Group. She has additional training on Climate Change matters from the Oxford Climate Society-University of Oxford and a trained Climate Reality Leader from the Climate Reality Leadership Hub. Her support and interests in the SDGs have been recognized and certified by the United Nations Environmental Programme Sustainable Lifestyle and Education Team for driving support and using her social media platforms for creating awareness on the SDGs. She is currently in charge of financial administration and grant sourcing from various potential donors.

Amondi Lavender

Communications Director

Lavender Amondi Okuba is a health records and information technology graduate who has great passion in environmental conservation and climate action. She has worked with several organizations such as Kenya Environmental Action Network (KEAN) among others towards her journey to incorporate both safety and Environmental management systems at the core of our operations and strive to coexist with the local community to establish policies for each to develop in house activities. Her goal is to contribute to the betterment of the community and promotes youths and women involvement climate change mitigation and the general environmental space.