World Clean Up Day 2022

Keeping a clean, healthy and Sustainable community for all!!! Today we successfully participated in the World Clean Up Day 2022 in Manyatta, Kisumu County in partnership with various environmental organizations to promote and sensitize the people on the importance of living in a clean, healthy and sustainable environment, and the need for proper waste management. We managed to do waste segregation ranging from diapers, pads, plastics,glasses and metals. We are all entitled to a clean and safe environment, clean air is a basic right for everyone therefore, it is our collective responsibility to ensure we live in a clean and sustainable environment. We have only one planet and there is no planet B. Together we can protect it! Special thanks to everyone who participated in the activity and let's all continue with the care and love for mother nature.Clean environment MUST become the new normal!/

17th of September 2022
9:00 AM
Manyatta, Kisumu County.
World Clean Air Day

Over population and increased urbanization are the major causes of air pollution in the world today, but what can we do collectively to reduce this menace of air pollution?? The responsibility then lies among us as the key population who are most vulnerable to the effects of Air Pollution.It is time for us to work together towards achievement of Clean Air for a Healthy Planet. We successful commemorated INTERNATIONAL CLEAN AIR DAYwith the theme being: THE AIR WE SHARE at St.Theresa's Girls Secondary School, Kibuye, Kisumu County through Creation of awareness and Sensitization of the students and the public on the Importance of clean air by adopting sustainable clean modes of transport and the need to work collectively to achieve a pollution free environment. We marked the day by planting trees in the school and sensitization of the public through cycling in the major streets and high ways of Kisumu City to caution the public on the dangers of air pollution and the need to use bicycles for transport.

10th September 2022
10:00 AM
St.Theresa's Girls Secondary School, Kibuye, Kisumu County
World Environmental Day

Only One Earth, together we can protect,..!!! This was the Theme for this year's World Environmental Day which was commemorated at Kasagam Secondary School in Kisumu County on 5th June 2022. As Environmental Stakeholders, we joined in the event which was commemorated by planting of indigenous trees bringing together many environmental organizations in Kisumu County. We thank the Kisumu Green Network, County Government of Kisumu for organizing the event, and Coca-Cola , Equity Foundation Kisumu and #GIZ for Supporting her event..

5th June 2022
10:00 AM
Kasagam Secondary School in Kisumu County
International Earth Day

In promoting investment on our planet, We participated in planting fruit trees at Kajulu Forest to commemorate International Earth Day 2022, celebrated on 22nd April each year. We planted both mangoes, avocados and other fruit trees at the forest promoting sustainability of the forest, wildlife and also the community living around. The Theme for Earth Day 2022 is "Investing in Our Planet"with a slogan "Our planet is our home, save earth". Encouraging people to embrace sustainable practices that are friendly to our planet. Special thanks to Earth Uprising Kisumu County and all the volunteers who joined in during the activity..

22nd April 2022
10:00 AM
Kajulu Forest
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